About me

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Me in Amsterdam, 2011

Hello world!! I’m Matteo Catena. I’m Italian, born in 1986 in Pescara and currently living in Pisa.

I received my PhD degree in Computer Science at the Gran Sasso Science Institute, L’Aquila, Italy, and I got my BSc and MSc degrees in Computer Science from University of L’Aquila. I’m currently a research fellow at ISTI-CNR at the High Performance computing Lab.

I’ve been an intern at the University of Glasgow. There, I was involved in the Terrier IR project. I had previous experiences as web developer, both on LAMP and J2EE platforms.

I’m interested in web, programming (especially in Java and PHP), software design, information retrieval (with a particular attention to efficiency and energy efficiency). I’m an Ubuntu Linux user.

I love good beer, in particular during friendly and interesting conversations. I’m always looking for good advices about music; while I prefer progressive, psychedelic and blues rock, I appreciate all kind of music.

I’ve launched nicecode.eu to publish some of my programs. It happens some time to write some (small) pieces of code that could be interesting to share with everyone.

I’ll try to write this blog in English, because I think it can reach a wider audience and in order to exercise myself in this language. Feel free to correct the mistakes I’ll do writing.

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